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Enable your users to get working on their IoT project faster than ever before, with Codeanywhere’s Cloud IDE.
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Remote Development

Codeanywhere is a fully functional Cloud IDE for your IoT Devices that provides an instant, easy and simple coding solution for your users.
Codeanywhere is fully cloud based so there is nothing for your users to install, it is a code editor without external dependencies to the OS software. Essentially it is Remote Development, but that does not have to worry your users, as everything just works out of the box.
Codeanywhere - Infrastructure
Feature 2


Integration with your IoT Offering

Integration of your platform with Codeanywhere’s Cloud IDE offering is efficient, quick and easy. No need for any software development from your end, just create a new Codeanywhere container, set everything up for your IoT Device - and you're done! We will make sure that all you users get that preconfigured container automatically.
Codeanywhere - Containers
Feature 3

Built on industry standards


Codeanywhere’s Cloud IDE is built on the foundations of the best code editor on the market - VS Code. Which not only enables a almost no learning curve for your users it is also fully extable with the tnounsans upon thousands of VS Code’s plugins. Making it the ultimate Code editor for your IoT Devices.
Codeanywhere - Infrastructure
Feature 4


White Label

Codeanywhere offers this as a Whitel Label product as well, and as the name suggests, it enables you to remove all of Codeanywhere’s branding in exchange for your own.
Enabling users of your IoT devices to have an end-to-end seamless experience while consuming and developing.
*This is only available for the on-premise version
Feature 5



We are well aware that some users may try to use the containers system for other purposes as we have over a decade of experience, providing thousands and thousands of our customers worldwide with containers.
During this time we have developed many layers of protection to disallow malicious usage such as; crypto mining, spam or bots. Also each sandbox environment is completely isolated from the rest of the system and if any malicious process runs inside it, our system will detect it and block the customer.
Codeanywhere - Containers
Feature 6


Onprem or Hosted

Codeanywhere’s White Label solution can be offered as a managed or on-premise solution, depending on your needs.
With our managed solution, you can implement Codeanywhere effortlessly without worrying about infrastructure - we take care of everything for you. Alternatively if your use case (security, company policy, or similar) requires an on-premise solution - be it on your in-house hardware or your cloud provider, Codeanywhere is up to the task. As it can be easily set up on any Kubernetes cluster.

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